Thursday, November 25, 2010


Durable water bottle

THERE’S an alarming increase in garbage in the world today. This poses a problem as more and more forest land are cleared to create landfills to contain them.
Often, garbage residues contaminate the soil and pollute our water causing detrimental effects on the earth.
We can each do our bit by reducing our contribution to garbage by reusing and refilling one drinking bottle. Throwing away less helps in creating a cleaner future for our environment.
However, the question is, are all drinking water bottles safe?
PET Bottles, commonly found in stores are not intended for reuse. The possibility of carcinogenic compounds from the bottles leaching into our drinking water is questionable.
Did you know that bottled water cost 3,500 times the price of tap water? And, in Malaysia, one million PET bottles are used every year.
Out of that number, 85 million PET bottles end up as garbage!
Landfills are piled up with PET bottles and the PET bottle toxic wastes are known to leach into the soil, which then pollutes our streams and rivers. This endangers our drinking water.
With the ECO Bottle by Tupperware, you are assured that it is safe for you and your family to reuse and refill.
This is because Tupperware is made with only non-toxic food grade materials according to stringent world safety standards. You can have peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe from chemicals and carcinogens.
Besides that, you’ll save as Tupperware is of premium quality and durable, and you can reuse one ECO Bottle over and over again. By doing so, you are doing your bit to reduce your garbage contribution.
The bottle also comes with a lifetime warranty and very few ECO Bottles are disposed off indiscriminately.
 In fact, all unwanted Tupperware containers that are returned are recycled into other non-food containers.
~adapted from TheStar Online

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