Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Food Pyramid n Healthy Eating System

The Food Pyramid is a practical guide to help you make the food choices so you eat a balanced variety of foods to get nutrients you need daily.

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 This task is made easy with the introduction of Healthy Eating System which comes with compartments in portions for the 4 food groups 
 (carbohydrates and protein, 
healthy snacks and 
that is 
served in the right portion 
for a balanced meal.
The right portion for each food groups for a balanced meal everyday

 It's also great for mums as now they can ensure the food portions for their kids are the right portions.
The Healthy Eating System also makes a fun and educational tool as now the kids can understand and learn how much to eat so they can adopt a healthy eating habit.

With every purchase of the Healthy Eating System, you will get to purchase this awesome bag to render  your mission easier n your life healthier..

a stylish bag to boot ;)