Friday, April 16, 2010

High Handolier with pouch

High Handolier with Pouch* 1.5L




Save: 15% off

23.65cm (H) x 11.70cm (D)

Thank you  Pn Mastura
Thank you Pn Syazwani
Thank You Pn Suraya
Thank You Pn Shirley
Thank You Pn Alina
Thank You Makcik Esah 
(Al-Fatihah to my dear neighbour... makcik Esah was a dear friend n neighbour.She passed away suddenly n left us all sad.
She was a Tupperware Lover as well..
Rest In Peace Makcik Esah...
You are sadly missed n remembered by all of us especially all friends who always lepak at Makcik Esah's balai...)