Monday, February 1, 2010

Enjoying the Panorama..

Last saturday as usual we are in Melaka n for breakfast we had nasi lemak bungkus, Half boiled eggs, Roti Kawin, kopi O n Teh C-- Melaka kopi-tiam style..I simply love the nasi lemak Tanjung there..
We had breakfast at the food court near Putra Specialist Centre...where my children enjoyed the River Cruise boats passing by..the weather was fantastic too.I love the CNY wind.
That was also when i got Zila's sms asking for the ice tray..U really made my day Zila..
 Thanks again dear ;-)

**Enjoying the panorama + knowing someone is interested in the products in ur blog=A very Happy Day indeed!!!**

Thanks to all who have sms n called me regarding the products here..I appreciate it very, very much.Thanks n please come by often ya ;-)
 luv & God bless,