Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aku, Tupperware dan GOFLEX!!

The reliable Goflex!! So flat it saves space in ur bag.

From flat to 950ml in just 4 seconds..see how efficient the goflex is!!

All you have to do is press at both sides up wards and whalla!! Saves space, saves food and it comes in 2 vibrant colours- maroon and purple. So stylish and elegant for those on the move.

My most memorable Raya

This raya has been the most memorable one coz having just joined the tupperware biz i was as eager as a beaver to test out my market of relatives and friends.

Armed with my newly-bought goflex, my prized possession so far and a boxful of tupperwares we went for house visiting as usual to my aunt's house. Wah sibuk betul hari tu jadi jurucakap tupperware..

Pastu gi rumah sepupu plak..dalam sibuk mempromosikan tupperware x sempat la nak merasa rendang favourite masakan sepupu i...takpe takpe goflex to the rescue...The flat as a paper container now turned into a useful bowl once being pressed upward..lega sikit selepas dapat tapau at least tak lah kempunan nak tunggu raya tahun depan baru dpt merasa rendang che lin..

Thank u lah to Che Lin sebab buy goflex..She has always been supportive of me and always there when i needed her like the time when i needed a tukang urut during my confinement.She went all out to find me an expert tukang urut..Thanx for everything Che Lin!!

Thanx to Che Ros also for joining me as a new Tupperware member n purchasing the Raya canister n tumbler set for my aunt..

Back to my rendang story...since it was already midnight when we got back to my in-laws house, we kept the rendang in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch.

The next day, after all had been settled (breakfast n all),we went back for lunch and as i eagerly hoped for my rendang on the table, the excitement turned to disappointment...(I felt like crying...) as all that was left was just bits and pieces of the rendang..It seems that my father-in-law has the same taste as i do and we both agree that Che Lin's rendang is the best..until I have the chance to taste it again next year, that is....haha.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome to this world!!!

This is my beautiful niece. Isn't she a picture of perfection.She was born on Merdeka Day. Her name is Nur Khayyirah Umairah and weigh a mere 2.65kg at birth.
To my only sister
"Welcome to Motherhood"
and to both new parents-