Monday, August 17, 2009

How my love affair with tupperware resumes....

But as i entered school, college, pursued my degree, fell in love...tupperware became the second last thing on a teenager's mind you know what i mean..that is until now, married with three wonderful children later, tupperwares crept up my mind again..
I wanted to present my mother with something special.. that was when i saw the catalog and thought the square round gift set would be perfect for my mother and BOOM! that was when the tupperware luv bug bite me.
As in the catalog was the Valentine tumblers. I am a sucker for tumblers..gish!;-)
And that was how my love affair with tupperware resumes till now as it looks like my one-year-old precious baby girl loves to play *masak2* with my tupperware collections. looks like it runs in the family:)
Long live Tupperware!

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